Getting out of the City

Many rides share the same start and / or end points and rather than describing them in each ride I will collect the descriptions here and reference them in the ride page.

North via the Military Road

We leave from the Convention Centre and head north on its quiet and wide service road for about a kilometre before joining the Outer Ring Road (Highway 121 and also Canal Road in parts). We’re on this road for about five kilometres. Unusually for a main road in Thailand, this doesn’t have a hard shoulder on this section,  but it is generally not that busy and traffic tends to give you a wide berth. In fact, it is possible to avoid all but the final kilometre of the main road here by riding along a cycle track but most people seem to prefer the moderate traffic to the inconvenience of the various traffic calming measures on the cycle track.

We pick up Highway 107 as it emerges from an underpass below the Outer Ring Road. This is the main road to Chiang Dao and (more important locally) Mae Rim and can be very busy. Fortunately, there is a hard shoulder for us to ride on and we are only on this road for a couple of kilometres.

We pass a large military base and then turn left onto a road that, on my map is called the Liap Khlong Chonlaprathan Road, but is known to the ex-pat cycling community as “the military road”.  This pleasantly scenic road follows a narrow irrigation canal as it winds its way past paddocks of horses and farms before emerging at a small conurbation on Highway 1096, which forms the Mae Rim section of the Samoeng Loop.