Bicycle Rental

The first three times I visited Chiang Mai, way back when, I rented a road bike, an old aluminium Trek with  Shimano 105 components. In total I rented the bike for just shy of two months. When I eventually did the calculation I realised that the money I’d spent could have bought me a brand new version of the bike I had been renting plus a fortnight in my basic Thai apartment.

Choice is better now than it was then. It is possible to pick up a cheaper deal (with commensurately cheaper components)  or a fancy carbon steed (at some considerable cost)  but ever since I have been something of a sceptic when it comes to Chiang Mai  road bike rentals. If at all feasible, I’d bring my own bike or even consider buying a bike and selling it at the end of the holiday.

However, that isn’t always going to be practicable or cost effective, especially for a short trip. So here is a list of the bike rental options currently available in Chiang Mai. I have no recent personal experience of any of them so there is no endorsement (nor criticism) implied by their inclusion.

Spice Roads

Lanna Roads

NK Bike Rentals

Best Bicycle Shop

One final point. All of these suppliers have a limited stock, especially in the larger sizes. If you are coming and definitely want to rent a bike I’d suggest you make your reservation as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


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