Elevation Gain

I’ve pondered, considered and reflected. I’ve contemplated, cogitated and ruminated. I’ve weighed up the pros and cons, mulled over the options and stewed over the alternatives. And at last I’ve come to a decision.

All elevation gains mentioned on this blog will use the figure given when plotting a route on Strava.

Yes, I know. Strava is consistently wrong. Strava consistently gives a greater elevation gain than your Garmin. But Strava is at least reasonably consistent. And everyone can access it.  My Garmin is consistent too but it’s mean, consistently giving me a lower elevation gain than all my buddies. Unless you ride with me often or have done a bunch of the same routes as me, there is no way of knowing how our bike computers compare.

Hopefully, you’ll be smart enough to calculate what gain you’re likely to get on a ride based on previous experiences of Strava. If not, at least the error will mean less climbing than expected, rather than more.

Happy riding.

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10 Responses to Elevation Gain

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  2. SK Hiker says:

    Not always true. Sometimes Strava route planner misses out climbs. For example https://www.strava.com/routes/11772061 misses out a 1500m high summit on the Chiang Mai / Lampang border. I’m sure there are more such errors around Chiang Mai.

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    • That’s a good point. Now you mention it I can think of a couple of rides we’ve done recently where the Strava data missed a climb. This is a particular problem on some of the newer mountain roads. I won’t be posting these routes though unless I have ridden them before and I will point out any glaring errors in the Strava data when I do so. Thank you for your comment.


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