Current Conditions -20160420


The current hot streak continues and is showing no sign of abating. Long rides are out for the moment. Temperatures are hitting high 30s by mid-morning and exceeding 40 degrees Celsius by lunchtime. We did have the briefest of thunderstorms yesterday at about 5pm but it was over by the time I’d gone upstairs to collect my rain jacket.

Air Quality

Possibly thanks to yesterday’s all too brief downpour the air is a little better today after one of the worst days I have experienced here yesterday. No sign of the mountain from Santitam, eyes smarting, breath short. I can’t remember the air being this bad so late in the year. In my experience it has generally cleared up by Songkran.


What have they done!

Typically, after I made the ride to Ob Khan National Park my first ever ‘ride of the week’ the recently pristine road to the park checkpoint is now littered with vegetation and small twigs as a result of some tree cutting. The road is still rideable but with care and an increased risk of punctures, certainly not with the joyous abandon of a few days ago.


Apart from that, everything else seems good. The small roadworks on the Prem Road were finished at the weekend and I am not aware of any other roadworks causing a problem.


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1 Response to Current Conditions -20160420

  1. Update: 26th April 2016

    Still very hot but the air quality is much better this week.

    The road to Ob Khan check point has now been cleared of vegetation.


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